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Inspections We Perform

  • Roof Membranes

    There are a variety of roof membranes such as Built-Up, Modified Bitumen, SBS & APP, single ply membranes such as PVC, EPDM, TPO, Hypalon and Urethane foam systems. It is critical to determine which systems we are dealing with to insure recommendations are consistent with systems.

  • Flashing & Details

    Roof perimeters and roof penetrations must be flashed properly to insure secure roof systems. This is one of the most important facets of the roof construction.

  • Building Envelopes

    This pertains to all segments of the exterior of the building. The roof, the walls, the windows as well as the buildings expansion or other caulked joints. Proper waterproof techniques are essential to keep the entire building waterproof.

  • Drains

    Ponding water causes damages to your roof. Properly functioning drains are essential to lessening the damage to your roof systems.

  • Rooftop Equipment

    Equipment puts a strain on the roof. Improper flashing details can be a source of roof leaks.

  • Parking Decks

    Understanding how the decks function is key to being able to keep watertight.

  • Penthouses

    Once again, a potential source of leaks if flashing details are not maintained properly.

  • Windows

    Important to examine as they are not only a potential water leak source, but also a potential energy waste source.