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Inspections & Evaluations

The first step in effectively managing any asset is to know its condition. Without knowing the current condition of your roofs you could be spending more money than you need to on leaks and replacement. By performing an evaluation we may be able to extend the life of your roofs by 30-40% which can save you aggravation and money.

Using the best technology available our representatives will inspect and provide a detailed condition assessment of your building needs. This service proves invaluable to building owners who need a true assessment of their roofs and other building component conditions before determining their best course of action.

Each inspection/evaluation is conducted using state of the art equipment that may include nondestructive moisture survey, asbestos analysis, mold analysis, roof core analysis and overall condition assessment.

Our service includes detailed written reports documenting all conditions observed. We also provide a detailed recommendations and budgets to meet your operational and financial goals. These reports can be generated in written form or on line through our innovative asset management program.

Building Evaluations