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Purchasing Cooperative - Tips

Our Comprehensive Approach

SR Products can help you protect your investment through full-service building inspections and evaluations. Our multi-step approach ensures your buildings are protected, from the roof down.

Service program offers 24 hour protection

Emergency leak repairs within hours, same day service or next morning, SR Products is prepared to respond to your needs whether you manage a single facility or a multi-location corporate portfolio.

877-901-5352 or

SR Comprehensive Approach

Roof Asset Management

  • SR Products has a Roof/Waterproofing Asset Management System that will rate and help you manage your entire portfolio to extend the service life of existing roof and wall assets to maximize the potential of your budget. Included at no additional cost to TIPS members at time of repair.
  • Implementing a roof program results in roofs that last 25-50% longer. In some cases, it can even double the service life.
  • The longer you extend the roof life before replacement, the greater your savings and the lower your life cycle cost.
  • We accomplish this by:
    • Capturing a complete history of each roof section.
    • Using an objective, scientific process.
    • Recommending solutions and accurate budgets.
SR Products

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