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evaluations & specifications

Building Evaluations


SR Products will inspect and provide a detailed condition assessment of your building needs – including roofs and other building component conditions.

Each inspection or evaluation is conducted using state-of-the-art equipment that may include nondestructive moisture survey, asbestos analysis, mold analysis, roof core analysis and overall condition assessment.

Once the evaluation is completed, a full detailed evaluation report is developed with budget estimates. At that point, we work with you, the client, to establish action plans needed to move forward.

Our Roofing Sytems


SR Products offers a wide variety of roofing options, that meet the needs of our clients from the minor repairs to major replacements.

SR Technologies


SR Products uses the latest in infrared and nuclear diagnostics to identify anomalies or moisture within the building envelope, which may lead to potential problems that remain unseen on the surface.


Our Xtralife Preventative Maintenance Plan is a proactive program that can extend roof life by as much as 30 years – offering significant savings compared with the cost of complete roof replacements.